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In a country like Denmark, Waste Water Treament Plants consumes more than 2% of the Denmarks total electric power consumption and on Biological Active Sludge Plants between 50% to 70% of the power is used for the aeration process transferring oxygen to the biological active masses of organisms.
As a consequence significant energy savings can be achieved by trimming, refurbishing or replacing existing inefficient aeration systems
As an example more than 50% of the energy consumption can be saved by replacing simple rotor type surface aerators with modern fine bubble aeration solutions.

Very often even recently designed WWTP's are being equipped with significant oversized aeration systems leading to poor turndown capability and hereby to an enormous waste of energy and poor cleaning effect

INTAIR SOLUTIONS possesses a know-how combining knowledge to the water treatment process, to modern aeration Blower/Compressor technology, to the design of efficient air distribution systems and finally to the development of a modern front end Aeration Control System

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